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​The Power of CGI in Property Marketing

If you’re a property investor looking to market your property using the latest solutions, you just can’t ignore architectural CGI (computer-generated imagery). Also known as 3D rendering, CGI is the process of digitally developing top-quality, three-dimensional images and site plans of the interior and/or exterior of a property, even when it’s in its development phase. Although it’s conjured entirely from the imagination of artists, they’re highly accurate to the property’s future.

Here are some benefits of investing in this marketing solution:

Early Marketing

Architectural CGI enables you to market your property when there’s nothing to show to potential buyers or tenants. If your real estate project requires outside investment, you can even create CGI renderings months or even years before the project is complete. As soon as your site plans are ready, you can begin creating your CGI rendering for early marketing.

Looks Highly Realistic

Quite amazingly, the final product of a detailed CGI rendering looks like a photograph of a real place. Thanks to advanced rendering technology, visualizations can include people, landscaping, and be portrayed at different times of the day. If you want to achieve photorealistic visualizations, CGI rendering is the perfect solution for you!

Endless Possibilities

Using interior CGI or architectural CGI, you can draw literally anything and everything. From developments of single-family homes to mammoth skyscrapers, CGI works well with projects of all sizes. You get an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of materials and colors. Showcasing high-rise offices is just as easy as showing double-story homes.


When it comes to investing in marketing materials, nothing beats the power of CGI. Whether you’re looking for interior design CGI, architectural CGI, visualizations, 2D or 3D site plans, you’ve come to the right place. Show Me Design is here to address all your advanced visualization needs

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