Comprehensive media is necessity to sell off-plan and to attract investors. ShowMeDesign assists property developments in creating marketing materials for brochures, and planning permissions.

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Architectural CGI Visualisations

Our high quality exterior CGIs can help you  remove the guesswork and present your investment in an attractive way before works has  even begun! 
You will be able to secure a steady flow of capital investment from prospective buyers at the beginning of the development process.
We offer accurate and realistic renders.
Simply upload your plans & materials specification and we will present you with highly desirable marketing tool for your project.

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3D Development Site Plans

3D Site Plan provide viewpoint of an entire development. ShowMeDesign can create view of whole area within its surroundings or in isolation.

A 3D Site Plan can be useful for planning applications and sales brochures, as it illustrates all the buildings and external landscaping features of a development. The more information you provide, the more likely people are to view your listing.

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2D Development Site Plans

Adding upgraded site plans to your marketing materials is quick and cost effective way of bringing your development to life.  Make your new development more attractive by presenting it in this way! ShowMeDesign can add colour and lighting factor to site plans, which will appear to more clients.

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Interior Design & Space Planning
CGI Visualisations

Our creative design team will work on your virtual show home. Interior design is our expertise and we know exactly how to appeal to your target market. The CGI interior marketing service will help you to visualise and sell properties where there have been no bricks laid yet. It is ideal for impressing your potential buyers and get that all-important capital from investors that the project needs to succeed. Our work will not only create a stunning show home ,but also ensure that will drive your sales!

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Interior CGI Visualisations

Based on the plans & finishes you provide us with our designers will create stunning  renders to show off the interior space of your new development. The realism of our virtual images is further enhanced by the incorporation of light, texture, and materials. We will make your investment more attractive to potential buyers. It is a great way of increasing interest. We pride ourselves in costs transparency so you can be confident that you will receive exactly what you have paid for. .

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3D Floor Plans

A 3D floor plan is a visual material that has an Aesthetic appeal, making it the perfect marketing tool, adding that extra detail to newly built properties. Our designers can create custom visuals based on your mood boards & furniture specification.

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Show Home Staging 

The goal of Home Staging is to make property appealing to the highest number of potential buyers and sold quickly for the best price possible. On average professionally staged house  increases property value by 8%. On this note full house home staging costs in average  1-2% of the property price. 
When selling a house it is important to help potential buyers image themselves to live in your property. Besides providing complete design and advice, our team provide you with furniture layout plans, and lighting plans. We also specify and source finishes & décor.
Once your term is over, you have the option to: return the furniture, extend for another 3 months or on a monthly basis, purchase all or part of the furniture,
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Modern Interior Design
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Approach & Process

Process might vary depending on service 


We just need drawings from your architect to get started. 


The DWG files from your architect are cleaned, inspected, and prepared. Upon your approval, we will generate a basic 3D representation of the development showing the proposed angle. At this point, it is just draft model, and is used primarily for determining the best angle to represent the plans.


Following your approval of the angle, we will develop model by adding scenery, surface finishes and materials, lighting effects as well as finishing touches to accomplish that realistic visualisation.


The final representation is rendered at high-resolution image to truly appreciate all details of your new development.


When a CGI first reveals your designs, it is understandable that changes may need to be made. This is why we include iterations in our pricing.

Our team can work from either DWGs or PDFs files. A project can always be discussed in depth via telephone or Zoom with our friendly team.

If you require more marketing materials for your brochures, hoarding or planning permission we can offer package discount. Please get in touch for no obligation quote.

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