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In almost all of the trends identified, there is no doubt that the workplace and the way we work have changed considerably since the pandemic.

Trend 1 - Smart technology

There are multiple management systems available in smart offices, and all front desk processes (e.g., visitors management) to back-office operations (e.g., room booking) are controlled electronically.

As companies strive to improve the efficiency, quality, productivity, employee health, and satisfaction of their offices over the past decade, they have made improvements to the design of their offices.

Trend 2 - Art

In addition to adding key brand messages to prominent areas, artwork plays a significant role in the promotion of the brand. In addition to being merely decorative, artwork serves a much deeper purpose. There are many cases in which it can boost productivity and inspire creativity.

Trend 3 - Meetings that are more relaxed

Approximately three weeks are spent each year searching for an empty meeting room by each employee, according to a study.

A meeting room has long been the ideal location for collaboration, but many progressive workplaces now incorporate dedicated collaboration spaces. Less traditionally furnished and geared towards interaction with smart technologies including interactive whiteboards, writable walls, and screens that involve virtual participants in today's climate.

Trend 4 - Biophilic Office Space

Is still very much of the tend in office space design. It just has so many benefits of including live plants in the space. The environment is becoming increasingly important to us, from living walls to office gardens. Outdoor spaces and rooftops are being maximized in some offices too.

Are you interested in creating an amazing new workplace?

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