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The dominance of brown & earthly palette in interior design in 2022 is inspired by nature.

In recent years there have been so many patterns and colours used in interior design. 2022 will be palette cleanser. Shades of brown Chocolate , camels and caramels will calm our living spaces. Connection to earth is growing in many areas, well interior design is one of them too. By using organic, natural materials dominated by toned colours we reattach ourselves with the earth.

Sustainably minded

Moreover, raising ecological awareness has its impact on selection of items used to decorate interiors, these are emphasized by nature so earthy tones will definitely impact interior design trends in 2022. Interior trends will be marked by a greater focus on sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing, and reusing and reselling furniture and home goods. Which might be considered a step towards so much needed ecological change.

Texture over the colour dominance

Using a monochromatic colour palette does not mean that the space has to be boring. Playing with textures is the answer for giving that extra depth to the style and overall feeling of the interior.

Nature's inspiration has more to offer than just colours and textures. A focus on organic and round shapes will reflect in a selection of sofas with smooth edges. The consistency of the style will be maintained with organic prints on upholstery and organic home décor.


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