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​3 Ways Restaurant Interior Design Impacts Sales

Since your restaurant’s interior design represents your brand, spatial planning should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. From excellent furniture and fixture arrangements to vibrant wall decor, everything contributes to making the desired impact on diners, encouraging them to stay longer and make frequent visits.

Let’s now study some ways in which restaurant commercial interior design impacts sales:

The Layout Makes Diners Linger

The spatial planning and layout of your restaurant should provide the diners with sufficient elbow room and enable them to move in and out of the restaurant freely. The seating space in dining and drinking areas should be maximized without affecting customer comfort. This type of setting that ensures an efficient circulation pattern improves the level of comfort for customers, encouraging them to spend extra and order more.

Colors make a Strong Impact on Minds

If you study the psychology of colors, you’ll know that different colors set varying moods and trigger different emotions. For instance, certain colors like orange and red help stimulate diet, so they can prompt diners to eat more and order more.

Lighting Soothes the Atmosphere

With ideal lighting, the diners will want to stay in their seats and enjoy the soothing ambiance it creates. Restaurants that want to give a comfy and more relaxing vibe can consider dim lights. These are also considered highly effective in establishing a romantic feel for couples. Addressing these critical customer needs should increase their satisfaction and improve their experience at your restaurant.


By now, you should have understood how impactful interior design can prove in the case of eateries and restaurants. All the aforementioned factors should encourage diners to return to your restaurant for more, resulting in skyrocketing sales. To optimize your restaurant’s interior design to boost sales, reach out to Show Me Design. We have some amazing commercial interior design solutions for you!

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Very interesting take on restaurant interior design affecting sales. Especially the bit about colours and mood

Kasia Nowicka
Kasia Nowicka
Feb 06, 2022
Replying to

yes! When selecting finishes, it is important that they match what style need be to achieved

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