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Successful Show Home Characteristics

Part I

A great show home is an excellent marketing tool. An ideally decorated and well-furnished show home increases the chances of people buying it. How can you set up a good show home, though? In this article, we will discuss a few characteristics of successful show homes. Let's begin.

Use of Upholstery

There is such a vast potential in using fabric in a house. There is so many colours, textures and patters that can add style to show home. Generally, upholstery is considered to be luxurious touch in the space. For example, upholstered dining chairs look much more sophisticated than rare wood or plastic. Upholstered bed heads can give your show home a very boutique-like look. Remember, you want to impress the buyer. Upholstery can create that enhanced image that you want.

Symmetrical Setups

Top-notch interior designers vouch for symmetrical setups. A symmetrical arrangement contributes to a sense of balance within a space. It adds to the ambiance of a room and makes it more inviting. For instance, adding a lamp to each side table can make a room look more beautiful and organized. You can even put a chair on each side of the fireplace to give an evenly styled look to the place.

The Bed as the Focal Point

The bed is undoubtedly the star of a bedroom and is the first thing a person entering the room looks at. Tucked in sheets and properly laid out duvets can give an ultimate show home look. You can use solid colours or printed bedsheets based on the look of the entire house.

Kids Room

Children's room themes being endless, their preferences change frequently, which makes designing a kid's room a challenge. However, there are some golden tips which can help to present this area attractive and appealing to potential buyers. It's always a wise idea to have a beautifully curated room for the kids. You can use interesting colours to design the kids' room. Bunk beds in bright colours are a great idea to create the look you want for the kids' room. Therefore, the most important rule is to create smart solutions for toys storage.

Focus on the Walls

Crating featured walls will give that extra depth to the house. You can design the walls by adding neutral-coloured wall finishing or introduce textured wallpapers. Adding other accessories like wall art is also a great idea for dressing walls. It brings more life to the home. Colours and patterns should be selected tastefully and as naturally as possible.

With these characteristics in your show home, you are sure to impress prospective buyers. Good luck!

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